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Volume 18, Issue 4

Volume 18 is a new approach to our classic treatment of foreign policy and international relations. In the past we have structured issues around certain topics or geographic regions, such “Terrorism” and “the Asia-Pacific.” This approach is great for informing readers about a number of relevant matters at once. But we’d like to give our writers a little more leeway this time to pursue topics of interest to them.

In volume 18 we’re taking a “mythbusting” approach to many claims about national security. There are many alarmist concerns about national security floating around in the media. How many of these are myths? Or else, to what degree are they very real threats to the United States? The Intelligencer will pick up a few different questions to answer each week.

We hope you enjoy this issue! If there’s a specific question you would like to see addressed in the Intelligencer, or if you have a comment on one of the articles, send a letter to the editor. We would love to hear it.

Hannah Cudal

Senior Editor

Issue 4

Spring 2016
Volume 18, Issue 4
12 April

Senior Editor

Hannah Cudal

Assistant Editor

James Blacklock


William Bock
Helaina Hirsch
Tucker Holmes
Jimmy Waters

Photo credit: Royal Air Force Reaper (modified)
© UK Ministry of Defense, https://www.flickr.com/photos/defenceimages/13450053894

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